4 people

reflecting upon this past year, i need to thank these four particular people just for being my role models in daily school life

code names will be used

buff man

crap adjecive: ong

good adjective: honesty

he’s a striaghtforward man. he tells u what he means, what he thinks is true and without any covering up. he would easily compare to a bull, who runs straightforward, even if it’s a wall. but here’s the twist. he runs with so much speed and power that he can run through anything, even a concrete wall. sometimes, you wonder how his, more bluntly put, rudeness has allowed him to be still alive. but you must respect him for what he is, honest to the exact point. at times, it’s funny to see how simple minded he is, but at other times, he’s a living example of how much this world would be a better place with the honesty, without the deceitfulness, the circumlocutions.


bad adjective: gay

good adjective: extreme dedication to friends

now here is a man who is opposite to a bull. he’s a snake. he speaks with honey on his mouth. he says words that are only soothing to the air, never hurtful. he shows extreme dedication to his friends, putting them before himself, and often times hurting himself too. but as a snake, he wraps around you and often leaves you difficult to breathe. sometimes, he makes you feel suffocated, as if every single thing has to go pass him. it’s not to say it’s bad or it’s good. his dedication to his friends makes him one of the most considerate people i’ve ever known. but his easiness to bendbackwards, such that it causes discomfort to others and puts him in an uneasy position is undeniably true.


bad adjective: inch

good adjective: analytical, detailed

a man of few words and of logic. often, he speaks in enigmas, in a language that is often abstract and unclear. you can tell by the way he plays chess or a board game. you can almost see those neurons firing electric signals in his brain from one side to another. deeply thoughtful, he never proceeds without considering out every single option. he’s always the man to rely on when in a tricky situation, to make sure you’re never going down the right path. but he has his stubborness. once he’s convinced, it takes 5 cows to pull him into a different direction. and because he requires such comprehensive thought to reach a decision, it often takes long for him to choose. however, he does live with the virtue of almost having no regrets.

chinese mozart

bad adjective: 7

good adjective: intelligent and confident

never has the world seen such a man. a man equipped with Einstein’s brain and one shit load of confidence. his intelligence has had two effects on him. he has liven with the virtue of outsmarting everyone, thinking up the most ingenious and devious solutions to problems, but he has offened countless number of people with his cockiness which he is unaware of. you might call him 7 for his conceited attitude, and yes i agree too. he is a proud man who could live a much better life without his big ego. but his intelligence is the one that is able to give you those eureka moments.

these four people are all excellent in their own way. they are all people whom influence me each day and change me in varying proportions. it sometimes bothers me to think whether i can really enjoy the benefits of these four different characteristics. or will compromising bring me nowhere at all.


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