dooms day clock (written dec 11th, 08)

the dooms day clock stands at 11:59:59

we are 1 second away from the end of civilization

although the clock is symbolic, one has to realize the magnitude of human’s destruction to this world

it is certainly quite depressing not only to realize we are so close to dooms day

also the fact that wee cannot do anything to stop it

the reason being human means 2 things for certain

1) we will die
2) we will mistakes

and when we are so close to the edge on a cliff towards hell, how can we afford to make a mistake

no matter how smart the president, no matter how smart we humans are, we will make mistakes

and right now is not a stage where we can make mistakes anymore

i predict that the day we find the “God” particle, find out all the secrets of the atom, find out the formula for finding prime numbers, that is the day human civilization will end.

our victory will be our doom.

One thought on “dooms day clock (written dec 11th, 08)

  1. haha, but there is always hope, hope of a better life, hope of a better tomorrow, hope of an end to conflict and suffering

    we as humans hold on to that hope, but the ultimate hope and covenant is the one that Jesus has made with us, that his blood, sacrificed on the cross, has cleansed our sins and as long as we believe in Him and the Lord God, we will be saved

    doom’s day clock? well one day, a time we do not know and should not guess, the world will end, and that will be God’s will, our job in between is to live our lives as servants and glorifiers of His name

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