living in the middle

reading “the cloud” by james joyce

Little Chandler is going to meet his friend Gallaher for the first time in eight years

Gallaher’s travels over the past years have landed him on the front page of the London Press

Little Chandler has been stuck working as a clerk. he sits there and complains

many of us do the same, we live down the middle, never doing something extreme, just working inside their safe little boxes

yes, we do read about amazing human achievements every day in the paper of the man who won 8 gold medals, of the man who changed politics in America, and of the man who jumped to the metro tracks to save a girl

these people all have one thing in common, they have lived beyond the middle.

i often tell myself to be a risk-taker, talk about the romanticism of doing great things, altruistic act of goodness

but i had a chance to do something crazy a bit before Christmas. the chance to play with life, roll the dice.

i chose to resist that chance. the word chance here is important. i could use the word temptation and make risk an evil thing.

but i choose to honest that we need to take risks in order to rise above.

many of us have crazy aspirations, of being something.

yes, the phrase starts with “i wish”

i know it, you know it, everyone knows it.

but the phrase “i will” is much harder to say. when can we put down the baggage to risk, is it when we have nothing at all.

it’s kinda weird how those people who succeed are often those who have nothing to loose

those that are single, no family, all alone

those that have nothing to lose except pride and time

what will it take to make the first step?

in fact, i do admire two people that have had this risk-taking.

the park in causewaybay and the uncle

their combination seems unlikely, almost unthinkable

who would have know until it was announced by a fanfare of cheers and two blushed cheeks

she knew it was IB

he knew it was going to be tough.

but they took the chance.

i do view them with a kind of venration, reverence for their bravery

it’s not really the act that means anything but it’s the attitude to act that inspires

but again, it is the reason why we cherish the oustanding and excellent, because so many of us are mediocre and unwilling to risk it.


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