lost in the things of things (written dec 12th, 08)

i’m lost.

no doubt about it

this blog was meant for me to piece out my thoughts, one by one, and when i look back, i get a clearer understandin about the world

but tonight, i’ll admit that i’m lost

i’m lost in my own abyss of sins, lost in the haven of God’s arms that i am unworthy of , lost in the rush of everyday life, lost in the tsunami of knowledge, lost in the amount of tasks, lost in my own mercurial emotions,

lost in the things of things……

i’ve tried many things.

trying to get a new gf – check

trying to get my old gf back – check

trying to get no girflfriend – check

trying to watch stupid comedies to clear my mind – check

trying to read and watch profound things so i get inspired – check

trying to just lie there and think – check

trying to listen to music – check

trying to trust in the lord (i’ll have to admit i haven’t tried my best)




the list goes on and on. the more i try to filter out and organize my thuts, the more muddled up they become

i just feel like my future is so uncertain, like how fickle, vulnerable it is.

i’m wondering about my calling, my destiny

i know this is the age where i question myself, form my own identity

but where is that spark of inspiration, simple sentence that changes the world, person that reaches my soul and the soul that reaches out from it’s hollow feeling space.


One thought on “lost in the things of things (written dec 12th, 08)

  1. sometimes there is nothing you can do but wait, wait for the moment, wait for the person, wait for the scripture

    if u bend ur whole life looking and not finding, you may feel lost, but if you just live and be happy, things may happen that you can not actively seek for, our paths have been woven before we were born, our job is to live it to our best

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