the apology

i am going to apologize

for what?

for seeming to be arrogant

while reading my posts from months ago or even just weeks ago, i get a feeling that i write like a know it all

that i can be so certain i will not make the same mistake again

but time after time reality tells me that’s not the case

at first, i thut the human brain was learning machine, that we learn from over mistakes, and try not to commit the same

i thut that i was better than you all

if i was in control of this world, we would have none of the problems

but the financial crisis, the emotional crisis, poverty, things that have been in civilization since time began

i had a hope that maybe obama would bring change. obama was smart, deep, competent

but when i saw obama up there, giving his inauguration speech. i realized that he was just another man, maybe a man with a lot of power, but no a man who can take away all of the world’s problems

it’s not that i’m blaming obama or anyone in particular.

i’m just using them as examples of me being hubrious

every past blog ends with a sort of a lesson, a moral, a moral that i shall apply in my own life

but seemingly, every time these morals seem to slip my mind when the time comes

often, i write these reflections after the event, in which case i can state them in a matter-of-fact tone.

like economists who are all now writing books of how the financial crisis will happen

about leverage, about credit buying

the market crash back in 1928 happened for the very same reasons, are we truly learning creatures?

seemingly, this is a trait that all people share.

to illude ourselves with the notion that we can always do better next time

myself included

so i apologize

apologize for illuding myself into that notion.


One thought on “the apology

  1. haha, I don’t think I would say that all that you have said and thought about is hubris and babble, I think a lot of it comes from deep reflection and spurts of personal experience

    humans do learn, humans do adapt, and as u and I can see, civilization has improved, the lives of people in general have improved, and it will continue to improve

    let’s work for it, work for God and His will

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