artifically going back to where you came form

rock lee always talks about this, the power of youth

at youth, we are supposed to be at our prime. prime of our energy, prime of our understanding

but the question that lies is where do we put this energy

some choose to divert this energy on obtaining fake ids and drinking till they shit themselves

well, i haven’t tried so i do not doubt that there must be some very fascinating part about vomiting at 3am into a shithole

or anywhere looking at it is, is there something that all teenagers are hiding away from.

from maturity. alcohol has the effect of morphing our mental state into that of a baby

no longer thinking, just laughing and doing whatever you’re told to. you have no memory, no thought process

i think this is why so many people indulge in the state of being inebriated, because we become children again


One thought on “artifically going back to where you came form

  1. it does not necessarily lead us back to childhood, I would say it leads to irresponsibility

    when we grow up, societal norms and changes are thrust upon us, and whether we like it or not we have to take them up

    furthermore, substance abuse is addiction to material life, and is against God

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