the theory of evolution suggests that we adapt to our environment

let me consider this in a social context

there are those who adapt.

adapt to social norms

those who follow the rules, who go with the flow, take the mainstream.

science calls this neural conditioning

our brain has many neuros which work by association

the more closely you think of two things, an actual neural path will be created between these two neurons to shorten the distance between them

it’s the reason why we learn new things. why new things become habbits, why we can adapt

but around me there are friends who haven’t

not in a biological way. they’re not climbing around the school

they don’t think straightly. they see things in different ways, not their accepted place, value, position, definition

they seem the world in a different order, in a different way from us

their way of thinking is baffling because it is unthinkable

it’s not something to be learned.

but let’s apply it even broader.


i’m sure all humans are born differently because we all have unique genetic makeups.

so the only reason that all of us grown up to behaving similarly is through neural conditioning

society imposes their values, concepts on us and forces us to adapt them

or else we become a minority, a group that is not in sync with the society.

do we need to be conditioned?

every new movement, technology was created by these people who were not conditioned

because they hadn’t accepted the world as it is, hadn’t adapted to the principles

they saw the world in a different way

think of fashion. think of music. think of literature.

every new movement, every new style, every new era was founded by someone who was not accepted at first and only was appreciated years later.

conditioning allows us to be more efficient but it is a trade between efficiency and originality.

One thought on “conditioning

  1. haha I see you point quite well

    I think conditioning allows us to live with each other harmoniously and develop an inquisitive mind

    not all technology and advancement was made by people who were total social outcasts and minorites, there were some who worked their way to discovery or learnt their skills in order to further invent

    genius is born, but work presents results

    without conditioning, it will be chaos

    without conditioning, we might as well lock ourselves up for fear or anarchy

    with conditioning, some will be stifled by the bars, but the tradeoff is worth it

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