history or maybe i should collectively call it memories

i was at the interviewee ceremony with my grandmother today.

she was awarded a certificate for being a witness to the war and doing a interview of her experience.

history, allows us to learn about the past.

the common idiom is that we can learn from our past.

is that in fact true?


in my grandmother’s case, these memories were the origin of her suffering

the feeling of abandonment, the feeling of fear, the feeling of loss

is there any reason to hold onto our memories

our memories are what makes us unique.

our brain draws on our memories, on our experience to make decisions.

it bases decision of our own experience.

is it a good idea to not study for a test? past experience tells us you will fail. therefore, you study

memories adds depth to our decision making

it is what gives us the ability to learn.

more often than not, memories are forgotten.

do we need to draw on happy memories for inspiration? do we?

do we need to find motivation and willpower from memories of failure.

sometimes, i think no

memory is what bogs us down.

for some people, it’s what stops them from trying because they’ve experienced failure.

it’s left an imprint and makes it more difficult to take the other path.

if we had no memory, the probability of each choice would be 1/2 not skewed by our memory

if that is true, i believe many more people might be available lead a more diverse life.


One thought on “memories

  1. diverse life does not mean good life

    diversity gone wrong can be very disastrous, while diversity gone right of course will elad to a very interesting life

    memories are what makes us who we are, memories define our emotions, our character, our abilites

    without memories, we will have no preferences, no skills, no learning, what then makes us different? what then is the purpose of God’s creation?

    memories will guide us one way or the other, and learning from mistakes is certainly not a bad thing

    it might stop us from so-called “trying”, but we still try, and memories allow us to gauge the risks and possibilities in a better way

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