our convoluted, unnecessarily complicated society

for now, let’s just assume evolution is real.

i’m not even going back into humans coming from amoeba, not even monkeys. for this topic, humans came from pre-existing humans but we have evolved.

a long time ago, humans were beasts. we traveled around and picked berries and chewed nuts

when we settled down, we formed a civilization.

many zoologists, psychologist, biologist state that our strength over other animals is our superior processing/analytical power

our frontal lobes gives us the distinct gift of making choices, not only simple choices of what to eat, but to make actions while taking the future into consideration.

our ability to plan comes from this brain part.

however, we must understand that civilization was originally very very simple.

there were farms, homes and people.

yet today, our societies are complex beyond measure, with knowledge for simply everything

in the last 5000 years, knowledge was proportional to the growth in population.

more people were able to remember more things, as simple as 1+1

then, the growth of knowledge increased with the invention of printing. libraries were created with volumes of books

in the last 10 years, knowledge has been growing EXPONENTIALLY. exponentially.

our knowledge has also complicated our society with laws, regulations, studies, facts

it is not to say that being comprehensive is wrong

but the question is: does it need to be THIS complicated?

think of it, an average person may only come in use with 1% of the WORLD’s knowledge

just think of the languages there are, books.

our brains are advanced. our frontal lobes are powerful but certainly not this extent

then, what is the purpose of this ubberly complicated societies

what good does a legal document of 1000 pages possess when only 10000 people will read it?

what good will regulations of a tax system to good for anyone

it is understood that rules, regulations, laws were passed in hope that our society were improving from these advancements in human reasoning

but simply is there a point to this?

i cannot stop the growth of knowledge even if i wanted to. i also have no cure for this complicated society but maybe you should think, think of what it means to be a person living in the 21st century.

paradoxically, there are no rules because there are too many.

you have to find that way to fit into this labyrinth of things



One thought on “our convoluted, unnecessarily complicated society

  1. I totally agree with you on the over-complicated side of the world, there is no way we will ever be able to learn everything, however, new knowledge helps out develop, think, and advance

    laws and regulations are suppose to help people behave better and create a better society, let’s hope they help

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