i bee

(this is really for personal use)

there’s all kind of associations you could come up with the acronym ib

the one’s which i love most are the ones related to the working methodology or lifestyle of an ib student

here is an example: i‘m buff.

i guess it’s a pretty fitting acronym for… at least how i work

the word buff entails not only physically buff, of being able to work until 2am in the morning and still wake up the next day to “embrace” another day

it can also the aspect of being mentally buff. distractions are all around us. i’ve recently realized how convenient it has become to procrastinate.

open a webpage, you’ve got facebook
open another webpage, you’ve got streaming videos of your favorite tv show

procrastination is literally one click away from you so it is important to be mentally buff or tough to be able to resist this temptations

so that’s the nice way of encouraging everyone to be doing their best

so here’s the more direct way which always needs to start with a….


yes, i know there’s hell lot of work but please don’t forget there’s also a hell lot AT STAKE.

your future is at stake, your university, your career, your love life, your dog (ok.. maybe not that far)

but you get it.

everyone’s says they’re stressed out and need some rest.

i simply don’t buy it.

there’s no excuse for not finishing work and IAs and Essays and revision and skip school because of that

yes, you need your sleep.

and everybody else does too. so why is it that everyone else can finish, and you cannot.

don’t blame stupidity because it makes you look even stupider

you chose your own courses. if you’re stupid to choose courses you’re crap at, good luck.

your choice, your suffering

so next time, please don’t go around begging for extensions and help.

because it’s your own responsibility.

if you come looking for me, there are two scenarios

if i’m nice, i’ll give you a nonchalant and dismissive “oh”

if i feel even slightly ticked, you’re going to hear this whole rant again


One thought on “i bee

  1. o boy jason, the rough game I see

    i like the spirit, but I also think you should not block out the flexibility of a person’s life

    extensions and help are resources that can be taken advantage of, and using those is part of learning how to best utilize your resources to your benefit, it is not necessarily a sign of weakness

    yes everyone else needs to make the same deadlines and wake up at the same time, but everyone has different challenges she has to face, and yours are unique

    do not objectify people, doing so will be a big mistake and detrimental to ur future

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