romantic love

i have a theory.

“friend who got close without the intention of become couples cannot become couples even afterwards. two people who are total strangers can strike up romances very quickly.”

sometimes, its awkward to tell you people you like. you don’t know how to present yourselves and end up either looking too shy or having a big ego

sometimes, i just think it would be nice to have a good friend to share all your secrets with and there would be no need for a bf/gf, cuz it’s so time consuming to all those relationship things anyway “give gifts, dates, talking on the phone for eternity”

i’ve got stuff to do

friends are more casual so they won’t mind if you kind of dump them in a pile for the weekdays and talk to them on the weekends.

quite a crap way to treat friends,eh?

One thought on “romantic love

  1. o c’mon jason, y r u saying this

    unless u think it’s utterly homo, I dun mind u pouring ur stuff onto me if u care to type them up

    I’ll try my best to respond in kind, and no worries I wont try to hit on u, I think

    but do reconsider how u treat ur friends, life is quite empty when it’s just around academia

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