today, i saw another day go by

today, i saw another day go by. i saw new problems in the world that had yet again arisen somewhere. i saw destructive people come to power and try to disrupt the world. i saw people advance their own needs by stepping down on others. why do we rebuild structures which we will know fall to the persistent force of erosion. why do we seek to eliminate poverty even though we know it will never be eradicated. why do we find cures when we know new diseases will again prevail. why do we find solutions even though we know problem may arise from our solutions. why do we try to cure the world of its problems even though we know that it cannot exist on this world. why do we not see that we are the problem. why do we try to save this world even when it is rotting in its very core. impossible is not nothing. it is something we have to see. all that keeps us on moving on is hope. why do we retain hope when we know that hope itself is simply an illusion of the mind.i have searched high and low for an answer, for a logical, possible answer. but there is none except the same one, because we have hope. because hope is human. and because we are weak, there are moments when we feel despair and hopelessness. but also because we can be deceived, a sparkle of faith, a sparkle of beauty will always find its way to our heart and keep us going.


One thought on “today, i saw another day go by

  1. jason, the fundamental answer is that we have God, we have hope of a better future, of a wonderful afterlife, all we need is to believe in Him, trust in Him, and work in His glory

    yes problems will always exist, and yes the problems are tough, but every life that we can touch, every pain that we can remove, every suffering we can relieve, we should try, because that is our moral task, to help others who are less fortunate than us using our God-given blessings and fortunes

    don’t give up on the world, we’re way too young to think about it this way yet

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