on the origin of financial crisis

allow me to sum the 200 paged book that is currently the bestseller in Hong Kong’s pageone: “The Origin of Financial Crisis” by George Cooper

“The Origin of Financial Crisis (Abridged Version)” by Jason Shum


greed and stupidity.

isn’t that a much simpler answer instead of 200 pages of bullshit that makes people feel better because it talks about economic theories that make you feel that it was inevitable. it was bad luck. there was nothing to do to prevent it. why do people blame the system, blame people in power about problems that ultimately relate to them? please don’t tell me you had not feelings greed when that Lehman Brothers broker called you to offer this lucrative financial scheme? some of these people who are asking for their money back are simply trying to reassign this blame to someone else so they don’t look like idiots. don’t point any fingers but at yourself.

this is why the common public hate smart people, hate geniuses. they say that geniuses have “innate” talents to be superior than everyone else. they have natural IQs that are higher than everyone else. remember my previous post about 10,000 hours of becoming a genius. i take that back after reading this: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/01/opinion/01brooks.html?_r=2&em

Success stories are success stories because the individual did infact do something no one else did? why is Lang Lang the only famous pianist from China when everyone is practicing 10 hours per day? There must be something did Lang Lang did right? Many say that Lang Lang’s performance at the Ravinia Festival in 1999 was his decisive career start but many don’t know the side story to it. After the concert, Lang Lang proceeded to play a series of extremely difficult which was when the musicians around him was determined for stardom

I know that Bill Gates had already 10,000 hours of computer programming clocked when he entered university. but how about his decision of not making a contract with IBM. at that time, IBM was the giant of giants (think about current Microsoft kind of monoply). IBM heard about Bill Gates product and approached him to buy the product of him with a huge writeoff. Bill Gates was at that time 25. A 25 year old then prcoeeded to make the riskiest career move in his life, to refuse this buy and retain copyright on his software. Bill Gates, a start up company with literally nothing refuses the giant of computers. That was his defining moment and what defines him as being a success story or a “genius”

i don’t know how i digressed from financial crisis to bill gates but i think my point is
humans prefer explanations rather than straight out obvious conclusions.

you know why? because the words in essays are so confusing that people ususally end up interpretting the essay in their own way and feel happy about it. cuz the essay says exactly what they wanted to hear. DUHHHH

One thought on “on the origin of financial crisis

  1. I respectfully disagree with this one

    a) humans are born with different talents, natural talents that blossom with practice, not everyone is suited for academia, or music, or sports, but there is something that every person can be good at with a good ethic

    b) the book is great because it succinctly presents a huge problem in an easily interpretable way

    c) a good essay is an essay that presents a viewpoint clearly with good support while making the reader think, if the reader formulates an opinion following the essay, then the essay was good

    d) there are no simple conclusions in life, with all the complexities that are part of human behavior, the millions of personal decisions made contribute to the collective consequences, and there is no simple conclusion to decisions made by thousands upon millions

    e) evidently there are ways to present things simpler, but ultimately many factors play in issues this vast, in a world this gigantic

    f) success stories are about choices, choices that help the innate spark planted in us, choices that nurture wt we already possess, choices that were planned but we were allowed to choose from

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