practical advice

i’ve tried to write this letter before, tried to use the rhetoric to inspire and soothe your fears

but the more i encounter and experience, the more i’m certain that there is nothing beautiful or nice about ib.

bluntly said, ib is a pain in the ass. here are some advices how the stinging pain up your ass won’t be as bad

  1. ib is a heck lot of work. no dUH
  2. from september until december, life will relatively easy because the teachers haven’t returned from holiday mood and also because there’s experience week and all that type of jazz. christmas actually comes quite quickly and it’s easy to get the impression that it won’t be THAT bad
  3. the workload starts in march when you return from chinese new year and literally have weeks and weeks of solid schooling. this, i assure you, will be hell, especially for those who were already struggling before Christmas
  4. never ever assume that the workload will lesson over the two years. the truth is, it only increases because every teacher is trying to best prepare you for exams and assessments with extra materials
  5. let’s be honest. for those who have assssspirations  of being doctors, engineers. unless, your current gr.10 scores are at that calibre, please wave your dreams good bye.
  6. don’t think about increasing your average in gr.11 unless it was lower than 80 to begin with. there’s two reasons for this statement.

    • one is that the material is that much harder
    • secondly, the course are run much quicker. by the time, you’ve learnt a skill or known all the content, the class would have already move onto a new topic. therefore, your scores are not really based on how well you study but how well you learn when a unit test is always quickly around the corner** very important

  7. clubs and teams are ok for gr.11. don’t overload yourself because it’s will seriously hurt you.
  8. the other option is, if you’re really keen on your academic performance, just drop most of your ECAs. i don’t care about the theories about doing more helps you avoid procrastination and shit. the simple rule is that time earned is time gained.

    • by the end of the year, you will have so much that you WON’T procrastinate (because procrastination is when you know you can finish (at least sort of )finish your work within the time)

  9. the way you can tell whether you’re too busy or not is just grab a test or a recent quiz. do you think it is beyond your reach to have done better. if your answer is yes, please drop ecas..
  10. if you’re doing SAT Is, start literally now (actually, you should have started long time ago especially if your english sucks) more time is always beneficial because unless you get 2400 there’s always room for improvement
  11. if you’re doing SAT IIs, you’re even more screwed if you don’t start now. don’t assume stuff you learn in class will be enough for ANY sat II except chinese of course. in most cases, there is almost 50% of the material that you will not have learnt.
  12. don’t think of yourslef as amazing. always overestimate the time you need on hwk. overestimate the amount of time you need to study
  13. finally, prepare. the most practical way of doing this is taking outside lessons. it’s as simple as that. i’m sorry but this is the truth
    people who already learnt the material are basically revising when they learn it in school. so the only step left is to revise and take the test. this gives you a SIGNIFICANTLY higher chance of doing well in school  (unless your teacher is like cough b cough of course)

the bottom line is that ib is a hard program
the syllabus isn’t OUTRAGEOUS. if you had done one of your subjects as an intensive course over a summerr, it wouldn’t be that hard and you wouldn’t be constantly thinking about suicide
but the things is IB is a pain because there’s a shitload of EXTRA stuff that also counts. CAS, extended essay, world lit essay, tok essay, group 4 project, math ia, science ia.
each one of these are big projects. they are the ones that COUNT for grades. i’m sure nobody can love all of these things. naturally, those who like math and science will hate the essay ones. those who like writing will hate the math ones.
you need to do these and do a good job on them. cuz these are actually the ones that count for marks.


One thought on “practical advice

  1. sometimes I wonder Jason, who are these posts for?

    if they are for you, then I wonder who you’re addressing

    if they are for ur schoolmates, I doubt they’ll get most of wwt u say or care abt it

    if it’s for me, well it doesn’t reli apply

    but I do think that accepting wt is before you and moving on is the right way forward, but do try to take some joy in learning and the classroom experience, life is not work, and work is definitely not life, there is more to work than you think and there is definitely more to life than work

    enough said, you live ur life how u want to, I just hope u dun break down one day and find everything empty

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