learning life principles from a rock song

i just sat there and listened to the song. actually, i listened to a it a couple of times

every time i play the start button, the songs just takes over me. i sit there motionlessly, without the ability to fight back against the melodies

when i close my eyes, i imagine myself standing on the top of the Peak and overlooking Hong Kong. every time the chorus comes on, i feel like screaming it out to the rest of the world. but when i do, the courage escapes me and i yet stand again helpless.

there’s a sense of tragedy to the song. it’s supposed to be talking about the darkness of the materialistic society of hollywood back in the 1960s with drugs, opulence. but instead, i always see it as something much more universal, a cry for help to the outside world from a person who is stuck in his own.

it’s exam week and it’s weird for me to thinking about this stuff, especially when i need to be concentrating. yet when i do all this studying, it seems much more apparent to me that my future is not as varied and colorful as what i expect.

i always dream of doing something great, saving the world, helping the people. but i realize i haven’t had a tragedy that i can rise above, and feel a life calling to do all these mangificent things. i also don’t have the capability to lead fortune 500 companies, countries or resistance movements. the reality of simply existing on this world for another 70 years and vanishing as an ash after affecting limted numbers of people in my life seems much more true…

while my imagination flies, i listen to the guitar solo, the last one and a half minute of the song. the most memorable phrase of the song is the minor triads truncated by the tonic one octave up at the very end. (yes, i had to test this on the piano)

the slow modulation one semitone at a time makes my spine tingle. it seems to be a final cry out to mankind but at the same time, it can also be seen as a bright spark of hope that we have not yet accepted our life acquiescently

sidenote: my eyes hurt like crap now after spending a whole afternoon hea-ing on the computer, looking for intersting stuff. i did find a cool video on vimeo, “youtube upgraded version”.

press “play”

hong kong has been my world since day one. it’s the only place in the world which i would call home. it surprises me that when i watch this video that i am so used to all these urban images. when i look at the same things through the camera, i suddenly realize that to many others in the world, hong kong is a weird place, a metropolis that is an oriental phenomenon. it is a metropolis that is loud, bustling, noisy, with lots of yellow-faced, dark haired people speaking very quickly and always seeming to be in a rush. if you look at the map, we are smaller than a dot. yet, we seem to believe we are much bigger than that.

Recycle Project: Day and Night — Hong Kong from patchie cheong on Vimeo.


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