june 4th, 1989

june 4th, 1989. i wish it never happened.

as you can probably tell, today is the 20th anniversary of that day. thousands are gathering now in victoria park to join the candle light gathering to remember those who died martyrs.

much of hk’s focus has been put on tonight’s twentieth anniversary gathering, especially after bow tie tsang’s untimely comment, in which he said that his views about 6/4 represent the views of the citizens of hong kong

there was public outcry after his videos were posted onto youtube.

yes, donald tsang is at fault but it is also unfortunate that he is in a position of such power. he is forced to be held accountable for any tiny comment that shows bias, which gives dissidents a perfect chance to blow up on him and use these snippets to sitr up emotions and alienate people against him.

there are many parts which i could add to this debate but let’s not mind the comment first but focus on the event itself. till this day, there is no accurate reporting on the number of casualty or the after effects of the demonstration and military action. however, it is certain that there were deaths.

it’s hard to comment whether their use of military force was justfified. many argue that a peace talk would have suffice but there were at least 100,000 people on hunger strike at the end of a third week in tianenmen square. many more people were joining their ranks daily as busload of supporters came from all around China.

basically you had 100,000 people who were living dynamites and could stage a coup d’etat of their own, and take over beijing. and there could be widespread health problems if the demonstration carried on. the keyword here is could. if the crowds had been pushed slightly more, all of these things could have happened. it would be too late to have stopped them by that time.

but again, there should be no debate whether their actions are immoral. it doesn’t matter how many were killed but the death of even one person means that the military was trying to harm armless, innocent citizens.

i’m sure the people are not asking for too much if they simply want an apology, right? it’s not difficult to simply apologize to those who were killed or sacrificed during these days.

but if they do that, it’s like suggesting whatever they have done in the past has been wrong. that means the public can start asking for democracy, state health care, autonomous regions, liberalization of the media and each of them to their own political agenda. they may have not been challeneged today by dissidents but only because they are in fear of doing so. if the leash around their necks are losened or even released, what kind of political chaos would the state fall into?

in modern day society, all of know that it is much easier to create news, be biased than to give a true accurate reporting.

again, it seems one-sided that all these western countries seem to be telling china to forgive the student leaders yet they themselves hide many secrets from the public

of course, it is incorrect to base one’s own decisions on the actions of others, which would make one no more than a immature child. i’m sure it’s not difficult to recognize our mistakes and say an apology. but it’s the symbolic gesture that creates problems. once we accept the title of guilty, we are then liable for all sorts of concillatory, compensative payments, policies.

it’s the same reason why Germany does not constantly talk about the Holocaust, why all countries try to forgot WWII and even why Japan refuses to accept the Nan Jing Massacre. some may call it brainwashing but i prefer to call it a form of rebirth. by keeping these memories in the past, by letting them die with the last generation in their grave, the newer generation is given a chance to live a life without influence from the past generations. we are given a life without any more restrictions imposed on us. it’s being born after the Wright Brothers invented the plane. those children were born into the world where the sky was no longer the limit. they inherited another set of values, another set of expectations of the world and set off their own dreams.

yes, to some, you may believe that i have become a propnent of china’s decision to bury the past because mankind is supposed to learn from their forefathers and from the mistakes made in the past

in the end, i am too coward to make a decision. as like many other things in life, we have to held accountable for our actions, decisions and words. unlike decisions on what tv show to watch, my stance now will affect my future path. like many people in the world, i will choose to “eat peanuts” and hide under the public opinion of the masses and hope not to be found and asked this question. it is an act out of cowardness, selfishness and humility.


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