the so called grey area

the first set of comprehensible words that a baby mutters is usually “baba” “gaga” “mama” and after that are words like
the next word they usually know is “milk”

but the concept of good and bad is understood by a baby way before they know how to say words. after a baby drinks  milk and remembers the comfortable feeling of being full, the baby’s innate ability kicks in and they intuitively know to classify the milk as a good thing. (vice versa for the horrible baby yuck food)

as we grow older, the list grows. it comes from simply living longer as a person and seeing more. this is how our identity is shaped, by the different hues, colors that we come across

this system is dependable on helping us navigate through this world until we come across certain issues like murder, lies, sexuality. it’s seeing beyond the black and white and recognizing the “grey” area. it’s what many of us like to term as being mature.

but this so called grey area doesn’t really mean anything. putting it in the grey area and being mature about it simply means delaying it, denying its presence and not dealing with it. it’s a natural thing, right? who wants to think about asissted suicide, or homosexuality and take a stance.

but as i grown even older and realize that i will inevitably be faced with these issues, there’s really no point of a grey area. it reminds me binomial probability today. there are only two possibilities: p, q or otherwise put as black and white in simple terms.

a more relatable example will be used: busy. are you busy or are you not? ever heard of someone say “i’m exactly on the phase between busy and not busy” in another sense, is being “grey” possible? (i guess you could say okay la but i think okay la is just a polite way of saying “i don’t know. i don’t care. i’m not gonng think about it. “

when it comes to making judgements, making decisions. there is no phase between yes and no. we are required to take a stance and our decisions will the precursor to our actions and continue to change the world.

am i wrong? probably (i told you it’s intuitive action to put things in grey) but as always, i’m entitled to my opinion and this is what it is.


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