heartspill at 1:30am

to heck with the logical, thought over blog posts. the following is my torrent of words

many girls i like. girlfriend, not sure if i want to have. because affect it will have on academics. afraid to commit to love again, yes. not used to the amount of time that spend I will in someone else’s life, yes. sutck with the idea that love is something you experience like playing a new toy. re-experiencing makes no difference. girls in my life now i would probably hope to be with, yes. trying hard to get them, not really. afraid to  make the first moove, yes.  afraid that gettining in these sort of things will screw up my life, yes. know that these things can radically change me and make me reborn again, yes. understand the complication of this whole thing and how i wish love would only happen when you wanted it to and you could turn it off like a switch. think love might be unnecessary since we already have prostitutes and mothers, yes. hoping that some girl would pop up and turn my life around, reluctantly yes. sleepy, yes. then sleep now, yes.

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