in the end, he didn’t do it…

so in the end, he didn’t do it…

though how much i encouraged him to jump the gun, take a chance, he just stared at hsm and dreamed.

well, i personally would not mind and call him a dumbdumb. i mean here is this guy, already distraught by many many previously unsuccessful crushes. and here again, he stands at the same intersection but choses the same path of friendship.

yes, it is true friends are needed. but romantic love is needed as well. i do say here that love was one of the most amazing things i ever experienced. perhaps love does take away our ratoinality and that is exactly what makes love so poetically beautiful.

and he opted for the safer and more convinient path. a lot about living life is learning how to get yourself out of sticky situtations. i mean he might have been in a really awkard position if he confessed but i mean what if it was the other situation. he might be luckily in love, what bliss.


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