on the line, neither here nor there.

All these years I’ve seen myself as a practical person, I believe in actions and not ideas. But when these decisions and actions conflict with my own ideals, morals, I realize that I have a huge problem in trying to turn a blind eye.

Loads of previous examples: happened just few months ago when we were planning the water game for Famine 10. My reluctance to waste water and my vehement opposition towards the proposed game plan forced my co-president into tears. My stubbornness in maintaining an idealized version of a relationship that was not real forced me into a depression for half a year.

Now it has happened again. On writing my personal essay, I have come to a radically different standpoint than the one my parents have. Perspective is the ultimate problem and it is not something that can change in a week or two. I don’t want to start a patronizing comment on how stupid and ignorant I think their feedback is.

At this cross road, what do I do? I do feel an urge to savagely punch them but I knew that firstly, it’s irrational and secondly, it can only worsen situations. Misunderstandings can easily lead to more misunderstandings, as in the case of Encore and Easy.

Pragmatism is becoming more important every day. Without any extra forces, technology, communication, transportation has made pragmatism the forefront of every single thing we do. The hundreds of chords found in a classical piece have given way to the static, repetitive but perfect chord progressions. Productivity and efficiency are the new big things in business. so where are the ideals left behind? They fall into the longer books that we no longer read, into the more obscure pieces of music that we no longer try to listen and understand. They fall into obscurity and we will slowly become oblivious to them.

Its possible that this urge for efficiency is necessary to tackle the problems in modern society, where one small problem can aggravate very quickly in such a big population of human beings. All the other problems that the world is facing now already have a countdown timer running. Every second wasted idealizing is the problem aggravating

I believe that those who idealize are not impractical. It’s like going down a rabbit hole. Day after day, they lower themselves inside the rabbit hole and advance their ideals and thoughts into an obscure region no one has ever ventured before.

So as a practical idealist, where do I stand?


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