big sweep remove.

the bad thing about running out of shelf space is that you hafta clean up

the good thing is you go through your stuff and recall good memories.

i started moving around books, then i started going through piles of paper. soon enough, i was like “omg. i thought i lost this. omg. it was here all along.” i started looking through my music stuff, of all the music books, orchestral parts, choir parts i have stacked in my shelves.

each note brings back another part of my journey of music.

then, i suddenly realized how shallow my understanding of music was, of simply being able to memorize the melody and sing it out perfectly.
i’m really glad i took music. even more fortunately, i have had the luck of being surrounded by some insanely talented musicians: jl, chester, wilfred, merak, dhube, bryan ho. their love for music isn’t simply the love for competition that years of orchestra and choir has brainwashed me into believing or the love for grade 8s that hk culture has bred me into. its’ the pure, innocent love of music simply for the joy of listening and playing it.

then i took out folders and binders to categorize each folder. i dutifully piled them in neat piles and threw the “useless” ones into a pile.

then, i kinda thought about it. what’s the point of tidying and storing away these pages of memories. categorizing them and formally sealing them forever into the back of your head? it just means there’s never going to be another moment in life where i’ll stare at this peice of paper and have epiphanies

no wonder creative people are messy.


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