being a leader

stepping into grade 12, i’ve sort of stepped down from leadership positions that i was lucky enough to rise to during grade 11. in some situations, it has been mandatory. in others, i’m seeing a need to do so

i have only one year left at the school, less than 9 months to be exact. my job as a leader is to pass on this baton to the next generation. and the best way to learn is by experimentation, which is why i’m slowly losening grip over the authority i’ve had. throughout the last year, i’ve pretty much done it all by myself, plowing through stuff like a bulldozer, a pile at a time. my hypothesis is still true that you understand and realize much more when you put your hands to do it, as i have last year but it’s someone else’s turn now.

sometimes i don’t understand how people say “power corrupts” having power is so darn tiring, power is only true when it bundled with responsibilities. which is another reason i’ve been more tahn willing to shed off some of the burden.

in my opinion, (as egotistical as it sounds), i’ve been a good leader for the past year. i think its time to i be a good brother, a good son and perhaps a good boyfriend (if i ever get the chance) in my remaining year in this stage in life.


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