again wasting precious monday afternoon on facebook and blogging

you’re probably gonna know in the next few days or even tmr.

THOMAS MAN and TRISHA KONG are together.

like nick, i  am observant.

when i was walking towards locker after band today, i saw trisha and thomas sitting close together. well, i’ve seen this for the past few days so didn’t really care. but then i saw a hand go around trisha’s waist. i thought incredulously, “oh shit”

i packed my bag and went upstairs to see the final incriminating evidence. they held hands.

i feel bad, feel bad for yannick. it’s what.. the third week of skl. how has thomas managed to charm someone in three weeks while yannick has spent months being loyal simply being there. the time, energy he spend is less than what thomas is able to muster up in three months. kindness, sincerity, loyalty, deepness, hardworking, aspirational are no longer attractive qualities. i know (or i guess that) that dude still secretly likes her. if trisha said something today, he would probably run back with open arms.

why is the man simply so unlucky? why haven’t the starts even lined up for him once throughout his life. why have all the girls that he’s stubbornly liked refuse to be attracted to the qualities in him. he has not been right for anyone of them, just a best friend, a word that i’ve heard him mutter far too often.

i did my nosey researching. they’re fb convo is not really that long so i really don’t see the well-anticipated relationship signs.

yannick is like gatsby. he’s loved all these girls all his life (not just one), everytime so sucked into his idealized version of love, so obdurately hopeful of the future, yet is thrown down.

somehow i wish ms Q was here. she always managed to turn anything serious, controversial into something funny. spanking, getting a haircut in wal mart, drinking soup.
somehow, i wish she was here to trivialize all these horrifying things, make life seem nothing more than a decision between drinking soup and eating rice.

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