two years ago, a little girl in grade 1 held onto me like i was her dad during a hike for JOTT for scouts.
her name is cherylin

i saw her again last friday.

no, this is not an amorous, pedophilic relationship that victoria is assuming it to be.
but it’s the kind of thing that gives you a fuzzy feeling.

she was coming down for mr dick’s weekly assemblies. she recognized me from afar, and called me by my nick name during the hike “mickey mouse”. she asked if i remembered that she kept on saying she wanted to go schwiming during the hike. then, she started to start each word with “sch-” so i ended up becoming schrickey schrouse.

no it’s not anything big. but it reaffirms why i love being around children, also why i love being at this school because of having all students at one campus. children gives me hope, their innocent and pure selves give me unrealistic and delusional hope that the world might become a better place when they grow up.



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