thinking aloud #1

quite busy these days, so my posts will be like externalized thoughts.
super short posts of me thinking aloud about daily stuff.

didn’t do so well at my cello exam. but i wasn’t appear nervous cuz my heart didn’t even beat fast so i guess i wont’ be getting the sympathy marks i think i got at previous exams.
the examiner probably thought i was just unprepared. anyways, i’ve analyzed it and predicted myself

predicted marks
songs combined = 65 (90)
scale = 15 (21)
aural = 8 (18)
sightreading = 12 (21)
total = 100 (PASS)

even if i fail, i won’t be embarassed about it. it’s just another lesson i gotta learn from. but my loves to say that if you have faith, God will give it to you.
i agree but i can’t go as far as expecting him to give it to me for free, right? i have faith in God that whatever he gives me, it’s fair.


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