had a friendly talk with curtis about e-week on the bus to cwb, ironically after bye bye birdie. definitely not a person i would usually talk to. but the talk proves two things: 1) my decision to be a bit reckless in senior year has warranted me with surprising experiences like this 2) e-week is such an awesome thing that breaks down all cliques, barriers, rivalries for a week. sadly after that one week, everything resumes normality again. reminds me a bit about chemical equilibrium. lengthening e-week to a month wouldn’t do as well since the group would naturally reach a new equilibrium. one week seems short but is enough to give us memorable experiences.

one more thought on e-week before i regret spending so much time blogging tonight.
i rmb previously complaining about people wasting money on going on expensive service trips to save people in faraway places while there were enough problems in hk.
well. i think i should take that back and saw that we definitely should focus more attention on issues of local concern. HOWEVER, i do recognize the much more dramatic experience that doing service in this exotic places create because of the complete difference in culture, expectation, language etc.


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