from nytimes

suddenly felt super motivated to read today. so went on nytimes to catch up with my reading

topics i read about:
senate majority leader harry reid’s dilema in persuading senators to pass the healthcare bill
rethinking laundry in the 21st century
senator olympia’s pivotal vote in passing the bill in finance committee
similarities between sotomayor and chief justice john roberts
life lesson

i read but i don’t like to read novels. the only good books i’ve claim to read are the ones required by english class.
but i’m avid reader of newsweek, nytimes.

yes, i’ve read about the arguments of reading only periodicals, how people have become less patient to read through much longer, thicker novels which are proven to be more beneficial in terms of improving writing skills.
i would like to be able to finish Gone with the Wind someday too but it’s just too boring for me. i just can’t to seem to immerse myself in the world of Civil War America for 1000 pages. that’s asking a bit too much of me.

more about the real revelation i had while reading which is the reason why i wanted to blog tonight despite homework tsunami.

i rmb writing about my rejection of my obsession in achieving the perfect guidelines/rules to live by. i would like to further on my argument.
i was reading on an article about the polarization about the american senate today and some authors kept referencing to previous historical times, saying how A is worse than B because B was what was used in the past.
I really hate historical references. despite understanding their value in allowing us to learn, we live in a dynamic society. things change and it is almost impossible to gauge what will be popular/current in the future.
we cannot create static guidelines to live by because the conditions we live in are changing, the criteria the rules are bending. our beliefs cannot remain static.

it is kind of pessimistic since it shows that man will never be able to “conquer” life. we can figure life out with experience since no part of life or life for that matter is ever the same. each of us, our beliefs, our convictions will be proven wrong time after time but that shouldn’t stop us from advancing.


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