i think i’m psychologically imbalanced.

i haven’t been blogging for quite a while and i think that’s starting to show in my behavior. weird spazzing to friends but it has helped me to be more personal with my friends. i think the turning point really came during that burma trip when i told them something important about me.

well, i really wanted just to say here that i’ve figured out the million dolalr problem, the one that i’ve been relentlessly talking about on this blog. i’ve decided that i don’t like her anymore. the reasons that i’ve previously listed for not wanting to get involved was because i didn’t like the commitment, don’t want to be bothered with it, all the responsibilities. it took another pair of couples newly in love to remind me that the reason i can’t commit is because i don’t like her strong enough to want to be a good boyfriend. it took their gross behavior to remind me what it felt to be in love and despite all my convincing, i realized what i felt wasn’t actually love.

so yes, i’ve decided on that. i should probably stop going around breaking hearts of young girls. i’m too damn charming. HAHAHA.


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