what the sum saw.

i’m staring to love high school. it’s not that i didn’t like it before but i always had doubts as to how my life or i would have been different if went boarding or went to another i.s. in hk.

but i’m more and more certain that i got the most out of it from where i am now. to reflect on the past two years, i’ve really learnt to love jazz, ib and interact club, opportunities that i knew happened under the combination of chance and my weird way of living life.

i’ve met some people here who’ve made important marks on my life. i’ve finally postulated a theory on certain talented individuals. my theory is that learning/understanding concepts at our current academic level is pretty much equal in terms of time taken. however, for talented individuals, they have some kind of intrinsic almost intuitive naturalness with the subject matter and is able to apply it or utilize completely upon learning it.

commoners on the other hand face the path of a normal person, someone who learns by experience. it takes time, repeated trials which results in habituation in the form of positive/negative feedback (psych terms) to slowly build neuron paths between information, bits and pieces of information.

the only questionable component of my hypothesis is explaining the pre-existing neuron paths to give the aptitude to these talented individuals.

on the topic of individuals, it brings me to another topic in mind: society. although it is said that we humans are naturally born to live in groups, there is something fundamentally inequal about the union between homo sapiens and groups. humans are provided with one of the rare gifts of nature: the ability to plan/think but here’s the catch, for itself or herself, a mechanism called survival wired into our very core. animals on the other hand live based on instinct, so they may not necessarily have selfish thoughts. despite millenniums of trying to brainwash the ideas of loyalty, nationalism, patriotism, i am still confident in saying that none of these can replace the hardwired selfish thought of survival.

it is a bit depressing, particularly when we discuss the fate of our beloved Earth in the future years. but if we manage to convince (or if the sea levels rise enough to threaten enough human life) humans that our lives depends on Global warming, i have hope in trying to solve this problem (which is how we solved other big ones like wars.)

NOTE* if i could bring more of your attention to the biological aspect behind this writing, please go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_behavior#Living_in_groups

if you’re wondering about my highly scientific and informational style, it is probably due to the book i am reading now “what the dog saw” by malcolm galdwell. an exemplary piece of his writing that infuses simple narrative with information is an article of the same name: http://www.gladwell.com/2006/2006_05_22_a_dog.html


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