how i live and what i lived for.

I woke up to the grey sky, a sky that was oddly gloomy for a saturday. I picked up the paper and the words started crossing the page and amassed into a mass of dark. droplets of water smothered across the page and turned the sea of black into a black rainbow with red strewn across its path. I want to move away because I wanted to paint color again, to open my eyes and look at the sky again.

yet, we live the monochrome way, in the land of chaos where everything is in varying shades of the sky, and even when such, it is different during different times of the day. what was now was not so, even in our memories it will not be so. there is hardly a day that passes without a man who is so confused by this chaos that he ends his life jumping into the abyss or a man who could not tell another man from his shadow. it is a fault none by our own, a choice that was brought among us and never afterwards driven in a corner and challenged. we allowed these that self proclaimed to be the freer of the people enslave us with their picture of the chaos and unjust that we live in. let us live not so. let us close our eyes and take away the lenses which cover our vision and let the strong yellow light blind us again.

i close my eyes. it was the grey sky but i still saw shades of blue, purple, red and orange in it. the world does not change for us. therefore, our minds will still see chaos but our hearts must maintain the innocence. i would wish to stretch the limits of our eyes with none other purpose than to see the world again in its vibrant colors. so by this gift that we may be begin to appreciate the bright and pretty of our kaleidoscopic cosmos.

-written in emulation of the style of “Where I lived, and what I lived for” by Henry David Thoreau
– use of I in beginning and end
– use of we for persuasion, introduces arguments in middle para with I
– lonng sentences
– logical, syntactical style that one cannot yet emulate. 
– lots of personification of central topic, gives definition of topic through narrative and factual examples
– last para. is metaphorical comparison of central topic: life.


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