ka ching

money is not important.

what i’m about to say would be considered by many to be immature, but being young gives me the opportunity to say stuff and look back and comment on how i was immature before and take it back.

this conversation happened between my mom and i during a dinner (i presume i’ll be unnaturally biased towards my own POV but you be the judge)

my POV is that i don’t mind being average joe. i’m thinking of being a computer programmer and work for a corporation my whole life.

mom’s POV is that i would be saying this only because my lifestyle now is so luxurious, compared to many many other people in the world. wouldn’t be saying that if i had to wake up to 2 hours early to drive to work because the highways were too congested. wouldn’t be saying it if i didn’t have money to pay for my parent’s operations when they’re diagnosed with some complication, neither would i be saying it when my wife got pregnant and i wanted to get her the best doctor in hong kong.

when you’re poor, you want to be rich.
when you’re rich, you wish you were poor.

when you’re me, you wish you were poor, but had some kind of secret amount of money hidden in some swiss bank and would only be provided to you if they deemed you needed the money. (yeah, weird, i know.)


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