friday is a good day for weird things

took a stroll in central at night in central today. instead of eating sth expensive, i chose to have mcdonalds across from mandarin oriental.
the question is not why i chose to eat mcdonalds admist all the LVs, harvey nicholas, but it should be why the Mcdonalds can still survive in this area dominated by the rich and powerful. who are the lonely people who continue to buy food for what it’s worth $25 dollars for a buger, fries and coke and occupy the empty seats in the echoy space.

walking on the streets in central, that are crammed with people in the morning felt oddly empty. the closed shops and empty street almost felt like an alternate universe. it brought out the midnight poet in me, seeing myself as the only lonely soul, roaming the streets of central and dreaming of loneliness.

took a stroll in causeway bay at night today. instead of eating sth, i chose to go straight to the minibus to get home.

even within that 2 block walk, i was surrounded by people, by couples, by lots of ok-totally-acceptable-looking girls. again, what could i control?

walking on the streets of causewaybay, i realized nth is controlled by us. whatever becomes, is, was, will be yours is whatever it will be. the probability is too low for everything to workout perfectly. i sort of mean this but don’t really mean this in the pessimistic sense. “the one” whom we deem we have found is not the perfect one. the real one is someone we will never meet. yet given the situation, “the one” is about as good as it gets.

i have two sides. (actually, everybody does). we have two sides in which there is a constant struggle between fate and a controlled life. the context is never the same but the central idea is different. there is no truth but truth lies in that there IS no truth. thus, a conundrum like all matters in life and what i have discussed.


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