yu read this, good for you.

i know i often repeat posting bout same topics (ie life and love), which tends to get quite annoying even for myself. (as much as i would like to say “haha too bad, it’s your fault for reading it”, i wouldn’t like to lose any audience.) so if u’ve got some angst, just release it in the comments

i actually did some searching back before i started writing this post.
i wanted to check if i WAS actually repeating myself.
turns out i HAVE been, this is about my 10th talking about life now. but the good (or bad) thing is my stances are different each time.

according to the video ive just watched on justice, each of these views constitute a specific stance, so they CAN be counted as legitimate ones, which translate to a reason i’ve given myself to rant on more. YAY

yes the topic of today’s lecture is still life.

have you ever had a realization that life is not perfect? not the very rudimentary, (sigh, i’m sophisticated version) realization but a more logically complete one

that life is imperfect despite whatever. life is not perfect in the most complete sense, no matter how hard we’ve tried, no matter how we’ve lowered our expectations, who we are in life, even if we were able to relive our live again. life is simply not perfect for everyone, a fact that as true as all men will die. it’s the understanding that is important.

this understanding puts us in a position.

there needs to be no more looking back or comparing since everything was/is/will be imperfect anyway.
it is an acceptance of fate but a fate that dictates that because being different makes no difference in an imperfect life, we might as well make our lives easier but more rewarding.

i love you.

as hard as i’ve tried to make everything flow logically from beginning to end, there’s always that leap of faith you have to take with me. i guess it’s that inherent flaw that makes me come back to this topic again and again, trying to rid myself of doubts and live it.


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