small things about school, probably not worth a complete entry but good to get it out of the system.

1) chemistry ia got passed back today. get much worse than i expected. one of those things you look at and wonder what has happening when you were doing it. worst thing is the mistakes were so minor. he was the one that said complete does not necessarily mean perfect. yet, he deducted for such a small thing. oh wells.

2) back to a school community where there’re slackers, liars, procrastinators (like myself). hard to keep a neutral expression and act positive while you’re thinking of hostile thoughts.

3) math. mcaulay has resorted to the tactic of not teaching. most people have given up on self learning, resorted to finding a tutor. being the stupidest of the four of us (jt, chester, jun hou), i have obstinately continued trying to self learn. wilfred said something pretty truthful about how mcaulay is preparing us for college. in any other situation, i probably would have asked for a math tutor. but since american unis don’t really care about final results, might as well see where my own iq and hardwork will bring me. as i said to wilfred, “i want to get a 6 in HL math because people will definitely look at me differently.”


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