every person has a special day of the year that belongs to them. it’s called a birthday.

it is obvious that people in the world share same birthdays but there are somehow enough days in the year so that most of the 150 people that compose of our lives (see Dunbar’s 150) do not share the same one. (i should stop digressing but i have to inform you that the chance of 2 of 23 people sharing the same birthday is ~50% see birthday problem).

i have a small confession to make that i’ve always wished that on my birthday that i would somehow even for a second become the attention of the world. world needs to be cautiously defined because i’m no way vain enough to be thinking of 6 billion people but somewhat similar to the 150people i was referring to. birthday songs and birthday greetings are overused and less special ever since facebook. how ironic it is to think of how facebook is dis”connecting you to your friends”.

my 18th birthday wasn’t going to be different. i did have some plans of making it unique, seriously asking people of what i should do first when i turn 18: smoke, drink or buy porn. i sort of planned famine 10 on this day with the slightest thought that i would be too exhausted by the supervising and running around to think of my expectations. that prediction came true so my mind was quite occupied until 5:59 when we finally looked at the clock. suddenly, the execs stole my mic and announced that i was to be given a tiara and a hello kitty brush. all the partiicpants started laughing and i was ecstatic because my little wish came true.

the party at home just consisted of 7 ma lut lou blowing water but those four hours was probably the most relaxing time of my life, just laughing, pointing, making fun of each other’s amusing idiosyncrasies. there wasn’t any soul searching. we understood that the function of this group was not for sharing secrets but for having a good time and coloring our memories with joy and happiness. i remember JL once joked about founding a company called “7” with 7 members. i think i found this 7 people.

the day ended with special attention from an “old sport”. walking along the Sound, the lights on the other end represented the hope at the end of this mess. however, the blues eyes of TJ Ekcleberg were non-judging. they were of hope. i was “boats against the current, ceaselessly borne back into [Cupid’s love cast].” i opened my arms to embrace the air but instead i embraced…

– the most perfect day


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