interact club

(march 2nd, 2010)
before i convince myself later down the road (or sth like tonight) that famine 10 is plausible for next year, i need to write down here why i think it’s not.

i’ve always believed in the influence of demographic, social factors on us.
i grew up in a time of ossd, a more relaxed academic atmosphere. the conversion in the ib curriculum may not sound like a lot but it effectively destroys the delicate balance of all the parts of school: athletics, music, clubs.
whilst i’ve placed my academics up high, i’ve also considered them equivalent if not less than my ecas- music, scouts, interact. i try to run interact like that so that executives/members feel like it should be one of their top priorities. i try to run it so that people see a purpose in doing charitable things
but the problem is trying to transfer this mentality to my executives. i stayed till 7 today at school working on a famine10 game (which may sound very extreme). i asked the other executives to stay (some of them just wanted to go home and work) but none listened. so i was there alone finishing the preparations for a game that isn’t even mine.
i used to think that it was sort of a planning problem, that they didn’t have the foresight to see what had to be done when. but i think not now because it’s already 3 days before the actual event. i even asked for the game preparations to be finished on march 1st before the chinese new year.
it’s a mentality issue. i can’t convince people to put interact as a higher priority if they rather not going to an executive meeting and do a make up test for ONE question that they didn’t do well on ALL THROUGH LUNCH. what do have to say?
the next step is to decide whether to scream or give up.

i think at this point screaming would be rather futile, maybe a few heartless leadership changes would be more practical.

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