i guess we had our first

but we handled it in a really logical and analytical way (and that’s not necessarily a good thing.)

the argument was talking with other singles of the opposite sex.
i thought it was alright. i thut it was cool as long as it was mutually understood by the person you were talking to that nothing was gonna happen. and i’m talking to school fds, just buddies i would say.

i guess it makes sense for her to worry if her experience with all single males has been that unclean. no guy is able to turn away from her, myself included. i just didn’t wanna be possessive, after all the horrible memories when i cared too much with katherine. i was warned off with a m.y.o.b. me being sort of stubborn this time again. i guess. can’t just regurgitate everything i’ve learnt from my previous failure. everyone wants to be loved in their own way.

ofc i do care because of the inferiority complex that exists within me.i still can’t hide the fact i’m an extremely clingy person but the question in discussion now is whether being clingy is wrong or whether being too sui bian is wrong.


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