the purpose of this blog has slowly shifted from recording lessons from my life to sth like less purposeful: just a mind dump.
it’s not that i’m being too lazy to write about lessons from my life but it’s just a creeping realization that life can’t be learned.

starting with my preconceived idea of loving someone. i imagined that i would learn the tricks but there are none. everyone wants to be loved in their own way. i guess you do learn, more about yourself, about how you want to be treated.

lately, thinking about ppl like fred and chester and JL. wondering if high IQ leads to a lonely personality or is it the other way around: lonely personality leads to a high IQ (since IQ can be increased).
conclusion is that high IQ is the cause cause that’s something you’re born with. if a lonely personality led to high IQ, we would see quite a lot more emo-geniuses. i guess if you have a high IQ, it can be enhanced with a lonely personality, my rationale being less smart people have learnt to survive in this world by synergizing, taking advantage of the fact that 1+1 sometimes equals 3. can think of a few names already. kakaka (me too i guess). if you’re a loner, you need to survive without outside help, so i guess you’re forced to increase your IQ so to speak.

will read more about intelligence and IQ on wiki some other day.



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