duality of me

(from last week, forgot to push the button)
gung ho me
spent an hour this afternoon brainwashing my brother about working hard

he needs to have a target, be it a university he wants to go to or some
recognition he wants

with his level of intelligence and resources available, he should more
than enough to maintain academic excellence while pursing other areas of
interest. exploring interest is not passive. it is active, making it educational, purposeful.
there are many others others out there who are smarter than him and still working harder than him. (China has population 200 times of hong kong.)

roads that we’ve put him in are those that we associate with the highest
probability of success. may not be true, so need to seize every
opportunity and explore

he works well in a good system but he needs self motivation if wants to
succeed even further. needs to compare himself with other people.

needs to associate activities he’s doing now with pleasurable rewards in
the future, be it recognition, excellence. all of this work towards his target.


lethargic me
oh well, a phrase that has been hanging on corner of my mouth lately

i wouldn’t say a negative attitude toward live, just a more lethargic one.
wednesday’s are now officially my mid-week rest. don’t chill the whole night but i chill an hour more i guess.

english tutor today. still preparing for my paper 1 commentary. i am obviously not very good at it cause my tutor didn’t like it. oh well. (here i go again) it’s not that i won’t try but it’s just something you can’t really expect yourself to be good at overnight. (luckily, i have no expectations of myself getting a 7. maybe a 6, 5 would be understandable) thought i tried my best but apparently it was rushed and wasn’t my best work.


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