reconnecting neuron paths

i wonder why i feel a bit frustrated.

i didn’t have any expectations for ib eng when i began.
after i got an offer, i realized i could be much more relaxed with my overall ib score so i focused the majority of my time on math and eng.

did some past papers and have been quite diligent about reading my previous commentaries and learning from my mistakes. but no serious improvements. both the tutor and eng teacher have been giving me 5’s on my newly written commentaries.

i still don’t quite have a fail proof way to understand and comment on literature.
i blame the system i’ve brought up in. i never quite understood literature appreciation until a year ago.

it’s the hardwired equation in my head that work hard = improvement = good results.
but thinking back to christina’s comment that working hard is not the same as working smart, i realize i still have more to improve on.

so i shouldn’t be frustrated.

(i’m still a crappy writer, that’s for sure, probably why i dun understand what the author/poet is talking about.)


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