neva imagined that i would dedicate a post to the tuba, the source of boredom and sorrow. 
read quite a lot of articles by roger bobo tonight. 
my teacher showed me a couple chapters of his master class and sparked my interest into looking at his website and then came across his articles which offered a lot of his insights on 


going through dozens of his articles, i’ve found some common themes
i) always go for what sounds best
ii) music was composed in the past (especially relevant for brass, because instruments were constructed very differently before, not only in terms of sophistication but sound, bore size)
iii) music is natural. 
(iv. occasionally, some rage posts about inferior musicians)

he talks a lot about instrumentation in his articles, which is quite revealing especially for a person like whose played BBb tuba only.
some recommended articles are tradition vs evolution, bolero.

i feel obliged to insert some emotional response instead of this post simply being a bombardment of tuba-aficionado porn. 

i’ve been learning to make music since i was maybe 5, starting with piano lessons. at this point, it’s safe to say i’ve assumed more musical knowledge than lots of people. i sort of regret not putting more effort when i was younger, i feel like i wasted a lot of my childhood trying to fight against it. perhaps, i could play a cello concerto now. wonder what it feels like to know couple of instruments and be forced to drop one. then, you go see some master on that instrument and you go like “haiii…” i mean at least i have a fantasy that i’ll be as good as steven mead. appreciation of music is entertaining but it’s so passive. the process of making it is so much more rewarding. 

wonder how i’ll incorporate music in my life in the future. the thought worries me. enough to be a hobby only?

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