stillness is the move.

you always think you’re mature (even as i write this).
there’s not much we can do about it, attempts to think otherwise will only result in self-pity.

gr9, i thought i was mature for having survived a surgery
gr 10, i thought i was mature for having survived a breakup
gr11, i thought i was mature for surviving the stress

gr12, i think i’m mature for recognizing all these things.

i feel like i’ve grown out of my current life like many of them foretelled. but i didn’t think i was. it’s not like the teachers can’t teach more, the band can’t improve, friendships don’t become stronger. i think this feeling of stagnation is just a natural result of stopping, from taking a break. i don’t have any position on this, just emotions.

great song, even more fitting title: stillness is the move.

i think this is a bad thing about me. THIS, yes blogging  in the middle of the night. my true real thoughts don’t appear until this time of the night. then, i suddenly regret things i’ve done today.

cherish what’s in front of u. i feel like i sometimes am not in the zone to, and regret it immensely lata. no matter how mature i pretend to be, life is unique and i can’t deny the fact we should savor every moment. just pray that i’ll always feel inspired to contribute my part. thank yu.

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