it’s not the first time that i’ve come across this very same talk by dan pink. the first time i saw it was actually during the
year. certainly, i found it inspiring when i first watched it but i didn’t see any relevant applications for it in my life.

and now thinking back, i’m starting to doubt that me. i always believed that i was playing the bad cop in the club last year, the person who was trying to do the right thing albeit my over the top methods. they were the clueless and unmotivated sheep and i was the shepherd who had to force them to work. i saw myself as the sole survivor of a species of people that cared about the club, that genuinely tried to do good.

i think two things went wrong in interact club this year. a) i got my way b) everything was mostly successful.

by having a sort of successful year with everything going my way, i had an increasing conviction throughout the year that i was right and that was simply what had to be done. i realize now that maybe i was just being mean, finding an opportunity to be horrible and offensive to certain people

this year certainly is not comparable to previous years and i attribute it to my pushiness. i was removing two of the three motivational factors that dan pink mentioned. i was removing autonomy by being autocratic. i was removing purpose by making it an unpleasant experience.

but i don’t think i could have done better. because my academics, clubs, university affairs consumed me at the point. i was suffocating to the choke point and there was no way i could still have had time for reflection.

and that’s again when we should realize we’re helpless and ask for His wisdom, His guidance.


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