secret powers of time

i’m free, free, free, free.

the moment i finished my last exam was the moment i became a free man. my whole life ever since i walked into the education system was to get good grades and get into a good university. i enslaved by this goal, by this purpose. i was its slave and i would do anything to reach my goal. now that i’ve reached the end of that road and everything is set, i have become the Enlightenment man who was told that liberty is actually a fundamental right.

i came across this recently:
i don’t think the purpose of life should not be anything more complicated those three words. and
i don’t think there can be a simpler answer to a happy life than that

it’s the first time in my life where i’m not thinking about school, classes, grades. it’s the first time that my head has been free of those. my head is mine.

the purpose of this post isn’t just to tell you my new found liberty.

in the week that i have had been my brain to myself, i’ve been thinking a lot (as usual), reflecting upon myself, specifically about my relationship with this world, with other people.i don’t have any more excuses about work or obligations. as of one week ago, all of them were done. and observing myself made me realize certain things about myself.


the secret powers of time. this video gave me the inspiration to write about this. it talks about people being past-oriented, present-oriented and future-oriented. being addicted to something shows that you’re present-oriented, only thinking of the pleasures now and not of the consequences. i became that and i became selfish. those two things go hand in hand. you’re only living for pleasure when all you care about is pleasures and avoiding pain. living for the future, not just the future but for friends for people you love and it is something that i haven’t done. it’s sort of horrifying to realize it looking back. i chose the moral low ground in many decisions i’ve made in the past two years. i chose to let the world down instead of let myself down. 寧我負天下人;莫天下人負我

i truly thank you for reminding me about these things. it’s an awakening to the person i actually am now. 

i wish to change to become a better person.


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