becoming an american

I arrived on american soil the same way the Pilgrims did, with hope, with liberty.

But it was four hundred years later and it was only because I was holding an I-20 in my hand. I was mocked in the Immigrations hall, being treated racistly by another Asian but obviously American. But I still felt no scorn as I would have and did if I came as a tourist. Because I’m going to be studying here, living here for four years, I wanted the immigrations department to strip search every single person in that room except myself. I wanted my country to be safe. It is then I understood the first sentiment of being an American.

I went to buy something at the Subway outside the arrival gate. In the queue, there was a Filipino, a white, a black, an yellow-Asian (me) and an Indian behind the counter. USA is a country of countless types of people, a country of the world. It is a utopia in theory, hell in reality, impossible to manage, impossible to satisfy any party. It is a country of hope but hopeless. That was my second sentiment of being an American.

Thus, America’s capitalism made sense. Since people have no connection of skin color, culture, they can only rely on thetwo same connections of living on the same land and the same desire towards the common denominator of all men: money. America’s capitalism society works and flourishes because it is the only thing that will make the society function. People create opportunities using the differences, the mistrust between them. That was my third sentiment of being American.

Ladies and gentlemen, thus, we have America.

One thought on “becoming an american

  1. “I was mocked in the Immigrations hall”
    tell them where ur studying at and they’ll treat u 100 times better
    at least thats what happened to me and chester lol

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