thinking of home far away from it

Hong Kong.

As a matter of habit or for the sake of exaggerating the statistical importance of my country, I’ve always selected “Hong Kong” in those website registration forms. This time we have put on the front page of every newspaper in the world again since the SARS outbreak in 2003. The hearts of 7 million Hong Kong people have been strung together again in face of this horrific tragedy.

Nationalism comes two ways. One is from the fact that we have been bred to do so. The other is from having a strong country to be proud of.I am happy that the strong Chinese government took a strong stance and asked the Filipino government to apologize.I am even happier yet that so many Hong Kong people have been wrongly criticizing the Filipino people. It’s the only thing that victims are justified to do, to go on a tirade to humiliate the opposing side.

But the cause nor fault lies with them. In a tragic sequence of events, just like other mistaken killings, eight people have died, just like that. I pray for their souls and I hope that God has better plans for them.I pray even harder for those who are alive, who are screaming in rage against the Filipinos when they have done no wrong. What do the Filipinos have to do with the actions of their president or their police force? Why commit inhumanity in the face of inhumanity?

It is times like this that I too feel lost, lost in the promise that God has plans for us. I waver in faith because of the painful ends their lives have met.

It is sad to realize, even sadder to say that people only group together in times of adversary, of peril. I wonder what is to be learnt from this tragedy? Will it simply be a economic effect of having less tourists to Philippines or will it have a social effect and cause a paradigm shift on how Hong Kong people should behave?


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