community service thoughts

as a part of UCAAP, we went on some walking tours of the city to learn about the different needs of the city but also the service opportunities available.

there are several things that got me thinking which I will organize into a better post one day.

what will be the limit of my own experience with community service?
heard a talk about gang violence in the afternoon. something quite different for me, almost extinct in hong kong. and there’s  always the element of risk in community service, working with convicts, with gang members. when and what is the limit that i will trust them?
and my answer is basically until the first time i get physically hurt before i wrap myself in a protective cocoon of institutions, fundraisers and banquet dinners.

what is community service?
visited DARE. direct action for rights and equality, a grass roots organization that does things like protests, factory takeovers, blockades to achieve certain objectives. again, sth very rare in hong kong. when does community service become institutionalized, becoming too pretty and fancy and artificial behind policies and guidelines?
DARE’s board members are all people from the community. it keeps the organization raw, keeps it community led, motivated but never grows big.
it’s an inbred hardwired fact that you work for greater recognition, more achievement, always to work to become more international, bigger. what’s then the reason for staying small?

there’s the other thing of solving problems. in the politically convoluted world of usa, what is community service? spending money to lobby for the issues you support? does that qualify? if not, what substantial change can you bring?

the type of community service?
was given an analogy of community service last night. babies are thrown in the river? what do you do?
are you the one who goes in and picks up babies? or are you the one who tries to find out who is throwing the babies in the first place?
it’s the difference between helping and identifying first causes and solving the root.
both have their reasons. where do i fit?

what will it be like

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