adapting the definition of “adaptable”

i rmb writing this earlier. i wanted to come back to this topic and i found the link to the exact post today.

in the post, i said sth along the lines, that in most cases, i have no view. and that is true, in terms of what i mean by “adaptable”

because often, issues that are talked about hasn’t at any point come up in the past. i wasn’t asked for an opinion and so i didn’t have one.  i think for many people (for me at least) we don’t have concrete views over lots of issues. i like most of the articles i read because i take in completely what that article has to say, because i don’t have firm stances on many of them.
by and large, we get through life without needing strong stances on many issues. for sure, people have strong stances over certain issues, but how often do you come across people with resolute strong opposite stances on the same issue which are the only type of scenarios that will give rise to an argument?

few enjoy arguing. so normally, overall, if you can swallow your pride and acquiesce to the opposite view for a minuscule amount of time in context of your lifespan, you will have diverted an argument.

over the course of our life, we naturally develop strong stances because of the things that happen to us.
is this why university is so amazing, because it’s the one time young people come together and expose each other.

having less firm stances definitely makes you a more agreeable person
but at the expense of not knowing who you are, and not knowing what you’re trying to look for.

sept 30th, 2010

just finished reading and discussing pere goriot in my comparitive literature class.

in the book, there was a passage spoken by the street-smart villain, Vaultrin. it was something along the lines of holding your opinions as much as you hold your words, sell your opinions when you can.

it’s all about getting people to identify with you, to get them to like you. you sell your soul to win their hearts. i am guilty to this at least to some degree. but i would like to defend myself by saying, is there anyone that is completely genuine to everyone they see.


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