college life 101

just to preface this, this post has been long in coming. (i’ve been OBVIOUSLY busy getting drunk and hangovers, like every single college student in this universe.)

things i don’t like about college life.

the primary purpose on weekends for most people (I live with at least) is to get drunk. Weekends consist of getting stoked about partying, then pre-gaming, getting drunk, being drunk, and sleeping in until the afternoon just to get ready to be drunk again.
i still haven’t gotten my head around that notion yet. just to state the record straight, I’m going to stay sober until I find an extremely good reason to be drunk.

the instinctive nature of people is to stick with similar people, from similar places (the nyc clique), similar habits (the white girls), living in the same place on campus (my hall mates).
i’m not criticizing it. it’s understandable because similarity is safety. people group together because they find assurance, justification in each other. it’s more difficult to defend your views, challenge your own conventions.
but it makes it much more difficult to experience diversity as opposed to the glorified university pamphlets.

because of this understanding, i am pushing away from the crowd and activities i “belong” to, intentionally or accidentally i don’t know.
it’s difficult to settle in, not understanding the idioms, not knowing about the tv shows, not knowing the lyrics to the songs.
i try to fit in, but i also have roots.
it’s like a piece of metal being bended. i’m trying to be malleable while maintaining rigidness.


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