the whyfor of university

inside the wall of a building with the smell of stale books and suspended time, of wafer walls and antique furniture, that should have crumbled under the unforgiving laws of nature, suddenly humanities seems to be the only choice in order to fit in
being persuaded bit by bit by the mellow, fatherly voice of Weinstein that presents reason after reason about the virtues of discovering yourself amongst books and words, instead of equations and proofs.
Brown tells you that no preference is final;everything is good.

the whyfor of university
because it is the chance to be free from norms, free from your life,
your cluttered room at home
things that you are composed of
a mother that screams at you for unkempt hair

the rites of passage taught by my comp lit professor is as such
I’m in limbo now, in a environment farthest away from the society I come from. I don’t have any idea what to do

therefore, pledge.
I accept that decisions are not perfect
but I have confidence that I’m not trying to make the wrong one
so when I make them, I accept whatever consequences they come with.

may the winds and currents of fate and decisions bring me to the shore.


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